Welcome to Texas Pocket Life

Texas Pocket Life was first launched in Fall of 2018 under the name of Carry Your Adventure as a way to gather my thoughts. I always enjoyed writing reviews for products that I have purchased and used. I definitely want the opinions I express to be rooted in experience. After considering the possibility of starting a website for a little while I decided to just go for it. By no means is this a real job for me, it is basically a hobby. I now have a place to consolidate a lot of my thoughts, and can write about a few of my hobbies and areas of focus, every day carry and outdoor activities. The following year in Summer 2019 I began a re-branding effort that resulted in Texas Pocket Life. On this site, you will find that a majority of the content is focused on reviewing both EDC gear and outdoor gear. I like to test out new things and feel that an honest review can have an impact on someone's life. I also like to write about other topics that relate to areas. These will not always be about a specific piece of gear but rather a wider look at why or how I may do or think about something. I hope you enjoy your time here as I have gained a better appreciation for writing.


Just a little bit about me specifically, I am the sole contributor at this time here on Texas Pocket Life. I plan on bringing in other opinions when possible, but for now, you are stuck with me. Like I mentioned above I started this site in order to consolidate my thoughts on a few different things. My experience with the EDC community started a couple of years before this site, and I have only grown more fascinated with it. In addition, I have always loved being outdoors for nearly any reason and I am lucky enough to have a wife that is more than willing to go on adventures with me so most of my content in that area will be shared experiences with her. Lastly, I tend to dislike writing so the fact that I have now started a blog is a tad ironic. To be fair, I do like some writing when it is an area of my interest but due to the fact that I wrote papers in college constantly, I felt the drag. Anyways, here I am.