6/3/19 Pocket Dump

I decided to start out this month with a pocket dump, like normal I switch out a lot of gear pretty frequently but I wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the items I have been carrying frequently. I also think that I might try and make the first post of each month some sort of carry or dump. Lets take a look at my pockets today specifically. You will notice that my keys are in a brass set up, this is just because I have been working on by brass carry and simply have been leaving my keys in this set up to get used to them.

Real Steal H6 Blue Sheep

Utility Knife by edcfans

Zebra F-701 new version

Olight M1T Raider (link to normal beveled version)

Chicago Comb Model no 1 Carbon Fiber

Random Orange Bandana

Brass Griffin Pocket Tool

Oceanus Brass Snap-Shackle Ring

Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle

Nite-Ize Microlock S-Biner

Iphone 6s

Mous Carbon Fibre Case

Minix RFID Slim Wallet


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