All Access Pass 1.5

Ok, so this is actually the last pry bar for a while. There is one more that I really want to pick up but just like this one it only gets dropped in limited quantities once in a while. I also just don't really need more because I think this All Access Pass is just about the perfect pry tool for me. I guess that's a bit of a spoiler.

Product Description:

Brand: Lynch North West

Length: 101.6 mm (4“)

Width: 22.86 mm (0.9“)

Thickness: 3.81 mm (0.15“)

Weight: 31 g (1.1oz)

Material: 6AL-4V Titanium

Pocket Clip: Tes

Additional Features: Bottle Opener, Nail Puller

Price: ~$88



The All Access Pass 1.5 features a very wide edge that tapers down to a thin point so that you can get it under any suck object while maintaining the surface area you need. The pry tip feels in line with a more standard normal pry bar that you might keep in your toolbox. In addition, the nail puller is a nice addition that doesn't get in the way but can easily come in handy when you encounter any stuck nails or pins. It is humorous to me how comfortable it is in your hand if you hold it as a knife, however, when actually using the prying capability it becomes just a normal bar of titanium in your hand. This doesn't take anything away from the design just kind of interests me. My favorite part is the pocket clip on. I have always heard good things about the Lynch Clips for knives so it was nice to get a taste of their quality. The pocket clip makes it incredibly convenient to just slip it into my pocket and have it ready to be used. I find that when I need to use a pry tool I prefer more length for the leverage and tools like this are not fit for a key-chain. Plus, I just like everything to be organized in my pockets.


I somewhat touched on this earlier, I prefer a bit of length on my pry bars and while the All Access Pass 1.5 is longer than a lot of competitors it is still a bit short for my hand. It is definitely enough material to get the job done but could be longer. Lynch North West has made a 3.0 that is longer but like all of their products, they are rarely available. The only other thing that I have really noticed is that the pocket clip can create a bit of a hot spot when you are prying. This has not been too big of a problem and it depends on how exactly I grip the bar but it is something to look at.


As I said earlier, this has become my go-to pocket pry tool and I don't think I will find one that really replaces it. There is another addition that I want but it is specifically for my brass carry. Most people don't need a pry tool in their pocket, and frankly, I could get by without one but it has improved my life at least somewhat. There have been numerous times either at work or home when I have needed a pry tool for one reason or another. Naturally, I could go get another tool that would do the job but I like having what I need on hand when possible. I was unsure if I would even pick up an All Access Pass at all but when this batch of 1.5s dropped I was just starting to really feel out what I wanted in a pocket tool.


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