Big Idea Design Mini Pry Bar

Product Description:

Brand: Big Idea Design

Length: 44 mm

Width: 9 mm

Thickness: 3.2 mm

Weight: 4.6 g

Material: Grade 5 Titanium

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole

Price: $25



You almost do not have an excuse not to carry a pry bar if you want to at this point. With the Big Idea Design Mini Pry Bar you have an incredibly small and portable tool at your disposal. Being 44 millimeters long and 4.6 grams light, this pry bar will feel right at home with the rest of your key-chain thanks to the integrated lanyard hole at the base of the tool. The form factor of the Mini Pry bar will also enable you to tackle many of the light duty prying tasks you may encounter. The edge also gives you a great option when it comes to a flat head screwdriver, opening boxes, and other similar needs. Last but not least, this pry bar is TSA compliant meaning you won't have to ditch it at your security check.


There are really only two items to discuss here. First, this is quite accurately a Mini Pry Bar. The form factor may make it great for carrying but it also means that it will be difficult to get any serious leverage on whatever item is needing to be pried. The next area, which might just be the elephant in the room is the price. At $25 (and currently sold out) this tool is obviously on the pricey side, especially when considering the size. Unfortunately, that is just part of the equation when working with titanium. I was lucky enough to pick this up on Kickstarter which made me feel quite a bit better.


If you can get past those two issues this might be the perfect pry bar for you. In fact, if you are looking for a pry bar to put on your key-chain then this might just be exactly what you are looking for, I personally would be hesitant to use another material besides titanium for this size pry tool.


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