Black Friday Deals!!!

I’ll keep a running list of Black Friday deals that I see here. I do apologize because this is all mobile so I won’t have my normal format including shortened links.

Quark Tool

Up to 40% off for muliti packs.

Morsel Spork

25% off for their new sporks.

Chicago Combs

Free metal engraving, free US shipping, 15% off with code SPECIAL15, and free hair cream or oil on orders over $75.



$7 on Amazon now that this is no longer an add on item.

Other products are on sale as well.


deals on several items including the:


And Pocket Lumen

Fisher Space Pens

20% off with code Friday

Gil-Tel RUK

use code HTBF25 for 25% off one of these amazing knives.

Parker Jotter Special Edition

20% off special edition ballpoint pen.


20% off select multitools.

Gear infusion Evereatchet

20% off with code Blackfriday20

i just ordered one.

Life Straw

52% off.


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