Raw Brass Fisher Space Pen Bullets

I wanted to do a bit of an update on these pens as I have begun to assemble a variety of EDC items in Brass versions. You may remember that I covered the standard Fisher Space Pen Bullets here. Overall, most of what I said there will still apply, I just wanted to highlight a couple of the options you have when selecting a Bullet Pen. As I mentioned in the previous post, there are a few main configurations of this pen that primarily hinge on whether or not you want a small add-on like a pocket clip or ring that enable you to carry it differently. Beyond that, you also have a wide variety of special and limited edition designs that include, signatures, phrases, insignia, and many more options. I want to specifically look at the un-coated raw brass version today as opposed to the lacquered or coated variants.

If you do go this route and pick up a new Raw Brass Bullet, it will patina very well. You will notice that the patina on both of my pens is uneven, naturally, it is going to have some differences, but I do not carry these pens incredibly frequently and they are actually used even less. Due to this, the end that contains the writing tip is far more clean and original than the rest of the body. I also figure that now is as good a time as any to address the elephant in the room. Why do I have two of the same pen you might ask. Well, I originally had one and it was carried in the elastic loop on the leather slip that is included in the pictures. I decided to order another slip to carry a different item, specifically a brass utility blade holder. At the time I went ahead and included the pen slip just because it was standard and I did not mind having it as a backup. At about the same time, another pen was given to me as a gift which meant that I had two, one for each pen loop. So here we are. Overall, I really like the way the pens look. My concerns with the writing quality still hold from the previous review but with this specialized carry, I will admit that the looks are taking a little bit more of my priority. I also want to point out that using the raw brass version does make it feel more natural, there is no extra layer of coating, you just get the metal which adds character and beauty.


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