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As many of you undoubtedly know, I have been a fan of brass for a while and it has become my go-to material when it comes to forming a themed carry. There are a lot of reasons for that and today I just want to cover why I like it, some of the items I carry, and anything else on my mind in the realm of brass.

First things first, when it comes to the material of items you carry there are a ton of options, and different gear is going to lend better to some options over others. When looking at metals, for example, there are several metals such as brass, copper, titanium, and aluminum that can easily be incorporated into pretty much every aspect of your carry even if you have a very large amount of gear. I personally prefer brass for a few reasons. First, brass is typically the cheaper option when it comes to metal construction as opposed to titanium and copper. It also has the best patina in my opinion out of all the metal options that I have seen. A lot of people like copper or bronze but for me, brass just hits a sweet spot and while I think that other materials do have appeal I just stick with my brass. Another thing I like about brass is that it has weight to it without being too bulky. Don't get me wrong, I like carrying lightweight materials like titanium and carbon fiber plenty of the time, but I also like knowing that there is something in my pocket. Luckily for me, I am a big guy so I can afford the extra bulk without having to worry too much about pocket space. Lastly, for me, brass also goes well with two other materials that I like, wood and tan leather. While I do not tend to carry pocket organizers on most days, I have gotten far more accustomed to carrying them when going brass. A lot of the gear does not come with pocket clips, which are my preferred carry method, so keeping everything in leather pouches makes sense for me. This also helps with the overall coordination of my gear. Now, of course, I do realize that there are some downsides to going all-in on brass as I have. For one, there are a lot of instances where I find a piece of gear that does not come in a brass option but does come in some other materials. It is not like you can never find brass but you have to dig a little bit more in certain cases. Another issue that some people have with brass is that it is a softer material. Now I personally have not had any problems but I have not been forced to use a brass pry bar in a tough situation.

I started off pretty slow when it comes to brass, it was only a few items and it was just enough to get me interested in the idea of trying different materials for my gear. Then it has started to snowball and I really enjoy looking for new brass gear. Here are some pictures of the gear that I have. These items are obviously not always carried together but when I do go brass I pretty much go exclusively brass with leather. I like to switch around what combinations I am carrying just like with my normal gear. I also have a few pieces that are relatively new and so the patina is not really there yet, and there are a few pieces that I just haven't really shown much love yet. Hopefully, I can change that here in the near future.

Gentlemen Revival Organizer, Gil-Tek RUK w/bead, Oceanus Brass Pen-M

Gentlemen Revival Organizer, Gil-Tek RUK w/bead, Machine Era Markup Pen

Popov Leather Slip, Buck Style Knife, Machine Era Markup Pen

Popov Leather Slip, Gil-Tek RUK w/bead, Fisher Space Pen Bullet

Gentlemen Revival Wallet

Gil-Tek RUK w/ Bead

Drop RUK

Tactile Turn BAK

Machine Era Markup Pen

Oceanus Brass Pen-M

Fisher Space Pen Bullets

Ekloen Bolt Action Pen

Drop AAA Flashlight

Reylight Pineapple

Griffin Pocket Tool, Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle, Oceanus Brass Snap-Shackle Rings

Timex Weekender


Buck Style Knife

Tactile Turn BAK

Utility Knives:

Gil-Tek RUK V2

Drop Ferrum Forge RUK

Pocket Tools:

Griffin Pocket Tool


Drop AAA Flashlight

Reylight Pineapple


Fisher Space Pen Bullet

Ekloen Tactical Pen

Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen M

Machine Era Markup Pen


Popov Leather Slip

Gentlemen Revival El Capitan Wallet

Gentlemen Revival Organizer


Gil-Tek Bead

Drop Bead

Oceanus Brass Snap-Shackle Ring

Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle

Timex Weekender 40mm

Anyways, I have really enjoyed expanding into the brass carry community, I don't think it gets quite as much love as it should from the EDC community at large but alas. Even I have admitted that I don't carry this gear as much as I would like mainly due to the fact that I wear black for work and the gear just looks out of place. I need to just get in the habit of carrying it more outside of work in order to show it some proper love. There are a few things that I want to pick up. First and foremost, I need, not want, to buy a Buck 112 because I think its time to actually pay homage to that beautiful knife. I want to get a pry bar from Brass Werx. I just missed his last drop but hopefully, I can grab one next time. I also want to get a brass Texas from Rustic EDC, I really enjoy my titanium one and need a companion. Next, I plan on trying to grab a set of brass scales from Flytanium once I pick up a knife that is covered. Lastly, I need to get a brass comb, and I'm sure plenty of other things will catch my eye over the course of time. As you can see there are plenty of moves I need to make in the coming months and hopefully, I will be able to accomplish them all. I hope that I have shown some light on the beauty of brass gear and you can walk away with a new appreciation.


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