Brasswerx/ZeroFeud BWPryBar

I finally get to review a piece of gear that I have waited to get my hands on for a while, the Brasswerx BWPry-Bar. I was excited to finally grab one and put a brass pry bar in my collection. Being brass, I have not carried it with me every day as I tend to prefer pocket clips as organizers are hit or miss for me. However, I have found times to carry it and especially at home. I also want to point out that these pry bars are sold by Brasswerx but the newer batches are machined by Zerofeud. Just so you know where credit should go.

Product Description:

Brand: Brasswerx

Length: 102 mm (4“)

Width: 13 mm (0.5“)

Thickness: 6 mm (0.25“)

Weight: 55g (1.8oz)

Material: Brass

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole, Optional Brass Bead

Price: ~$65



I bet you didn't expect this, but its brass so that is definitely a plus. In all honesty, I know that brass is a softer metal and some people dislike it for tough tasks like prying but I have not had any problems in my usage. That being said, I do primarily use pocket pry bars as flathead screwdrivers with only occasional prying. However, throughout those tasks, I have still not had the metal give on me. I like the length and weight of it, as it feels sturdy in my hand and offers enough leverage for me. I will admit that when I first took it out of the box, I thought it seemed a little small but after carrying it for a bit I got used to it. I am not sure exactly what led to that perception as it is one of my longer pry bars, I think it is just the fact that the BWPryBar is more narrow than most of my other collection. All in all, it feels great in my hand. Because it has not been in my carry for as long, the patina has not aged as much, but I look forward to seeing it turn.


There are only a couple of really small things to point out. First, I mentioned that brass is a softer metal, and while I have not had any problems it is something to consider. I do wish that the bottle opener had been shifted up the body just a bit so that there was more room for the tip to fully tapper. This has not caused any problems, I just think it could have been an improvement. Lastly, I did notice a small dip on the side of the pry tip where the edge is not even. This spot is incredibly small but enough for me to see and feel. It has not compromised the integrity of the tool but is just one of those small things that can happen when working with metal.


This is just another piece of gear that makes me wish I liked organizers better and did not wear black for my work all the time. I wish I could carry brass and tan leather more. It is a really nicely machined tool and I am happy that I was able to finally grab one since the drops tend to sell out within an hour or so. That is one thing to consider, if you want to pick one up you need to keep an eye open and act quickly. Luckily, ZeroFeud did just drop a new brass pry bar that is another option so consider what you would like.

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