Braza Bro EDC Mini Folding Knife

Product Description:

Brand: Bastion

Weight: 1.48oz

Length Open: 4.77"

Length Closed: 2.75"

Thickness: .25"

Blade Material: D2 Steel

Handle Material: Stainless Steel

Opening: Flipper Opening

Pocket Clip: Yes, Tip Up

Locking: Yes, Frame Lock.

Lanyard Hole: Yes

Price: ~$40



The blade size makes it perfect for minor tasks such as opening packages. It was also shipped very sharp which is a huge plus and shows care from the manufacturers. I like the flipper design for the most part, there are just a few issues that are covered below.


The knife is obviously very small so if you need something with a larger cutting edge or a bigger handle for control then this may not work for you. (It has enough room for about a 2 1/2 finger grip). Sometimes the flipper action is a little tough, it can wear on your finger tips trying to press the blade into its flip motion. Partially due to this, I have noticed that occasionally the blade will not extend and lock fully so you have to settle it into its correct place. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it is annoying since the blade should flip correctly. The pocket clip is to small to really be of much use. I like that it is included for the few times I can clip it onto something but on average it is just an extra piece of metal. I personally don't like frame locking knives as I find them typically stiff and potentially dangerous due to the force needed to move them while your finger is near the blade.

General Thoughts:

I got this knife as a Kickstarter so I did not buy it as a normal retail product. A word of warning, knives already utilize very small bits for alterations and maintenance, however due to the size of this knife it naturally requires an even smaller bit. Overall this is not as bad of a knife as it might seem from my complaints. There are some issues but for the most part everything works as expected. It is a little pricey for such a small blade in my opinion, and I am happy I got it through Kickstarter rather than purchased it after it was completed. One last thing on the price is that while I think it might be slightly overpriced, I think the quality of the materials lends itself to a higher price tag and if you are accustomed to more expensive knives then this shouldn't be an issue.


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