BRS Titanium Stove

Manufacturer: Fohoz

Open Size: 85x68.5mm

Folded Size: 37x52mm

Material: 60% Titanium, 10% Copper, 20% Stainless-steel, 10% other Weight: 25g

Price: ~$15



Well obviously the biggest plus is that this is a super light stove. I also really like how compact this stove folds up and fits in the bag. It is incredibly easy to carry, I keep mine in my cook pot and never have to think about it until I need to cook.


There are a couple flaws with this stove, but nothing too terrible. Because of how small this stove is it is not the most secure. For the most part this isn't a beg problem but I have noticed the tension lock on one of my arms has worn our but is still completely usable. The other problem is that the vents aren't very efficient. That does not mean that you will go through a massive amount of fuel to boil a pot of water but it isn't as easy to control the flame as some other alternatives.

General Thoughts:

Overall, this is a great option for people who are wanting to get into backpacking and keeping the factors of weight and cost in mind. It is in my mind the best bang for your buck that you can get for backpacking. There are plenty of lightweight backpacking stoves that are far more expensive that have great options but if you just want a lightweight stove without breaking the bank you definitely need to consider one of these stoves.

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