Bushnell 400L

I want to take a look at what has become my go to flashlight over the past month and a half. Also, this is my last flashlight review scheduled for a Friday for a while so yea, there's that.

Product Description:

Brand: Bushnell

Length: 146mm

Head Diameter: 30mm

Body Diameter: 22mm

Weight: 142g

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: Unknown

Modes: 3 (Lumens/ Runtime/ Beam Distance) High (400Lm/ 3hr/ 150m) Low (51Lm/ 21hr/ 47m) Strobe (400Lm/ 4hr/ 150m)

Control: Tail Switch with momentary or constant settings

Light Source: Cree LED (Unknown Model)

Power Source: 2x CR123A

Pocket Clip: Yes, Face Down

Additional Features: Lockout Switch

Price: ~$30




Many of the advantages I will be covering also have some flaws or problems that I want to look at in the next section but I definitely feel like it needs coverage in both. First lets look at the size. This flashlight is the largest I have been carrying, and is frankly the largest light I am willing to EDC. Because of this size I am able to get a much better grip than most other EDC friendly lights. I prefer to hold flashlights overhanded and with this 400L I can wrap my whole hand around the body and still have room to spare. The texturing also gives me a solid grip as it gives my hand plenty of area to seize. Another function that I like is the lockout switch. I like having that as an extra layer of protection and if you wanted to you could actually use that as your main on/off switch, however it does have a flaw that I will discuss further in the next section. On the topic of switches, it took me a bit to get used to the beveling around the tail switch but once I did, I have really enjoyed the switch itself as it feels very solid and has a good click. At a max of 400 lumens this light is definitely out performed by some competitors, but those 400 lumens are impressive. The light is wide enough to light up a decent sized are but at the same time does not wash out to much and loose its intensity. The last are to cover is the overall build quality. While I obviously try not to drop my tools frequently it does happen occasionally. There was one day where I dropped the 400L two or three times and it barely even acknowledged it aside from the louder thump. There are a few marks on the bezel but overall, the body has not show significant wear and the little bit it does shows through well.


While I like this light there are definitely a few things I wish were different and some features that are double edged swords. First, we have a very large body when compared to most EDC flashlights. While I like the grip that this enables me to have, it also means it has a very large footprint in my pocket. On a similar note, it does take a little bit for your hand to get used to the texture of the body, but the bigger problem is the rubbing it can do in your pocket. I have not noticed any major issues, but one of my pants pockets has started to show some wear. The next are is the lockout switch. I really like the idea of this feature, I just think it was not properly implemented. Most of the time when I pull out this light I find the lockout switch at least halfway disengaged. This could have been mitigated by adding just a little bit of friction. The only other thing I want to point out is that this light uses two CR123A batteries, which you should know is less than desirable for me.


Overall, this has become one of my most frequently used lights. I keep it in my nightstand and constantly find myself grabbing it before work everyday. I like the features and overall design and can look past the flaws because they also offer me some advantages at the same time. One thing you may notice is that I did not criticize the lack of a reversible or dual pocket clip. With a light this large I do not want it on a hat brim and I carry my lights lens down by default so the standard pocket clip is perfect for me in this case. I am very pleased with this purchase as I kept seeing it and wanted to try it but never brought myself to buy it until my wife talked me into it.


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