The CRKT Caligo has been in my pocket on and off for the past month when not testing out the previous Spyderco. Just having two new knives recently has meant that they have each gotten plenty of pocket time and usage. Let's take a look.

Product Description:

Brand: CRKT

Blade Length: 79.5 mm (3.13")

Closed Length: 113 mm (4.48")

Overall Length: 193.8 mm (7.63")

Weight: 101 g (3.6oz)

Blade Thickness: 3 mm (0.12")

Blade Width 25.4 mm (1")

Blade Material: D2

Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Pivot: IKBS Ball Bearings

Grind: Hollow

Blade Design: Drop Point

Locking: Yes, Liner-Lock

Opening Mechanism: Flipper

Pocket Clip: Yes, Right Side Tip-Up

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole

Price: ~$45



I have gotten in the habit of not carrying a utility knife lately which means that the Caligo has done most of my cutting. The blade slides right into boxes thanks to the drop point and it makes quick work of any packaging. For the most part, I have stayed away from metal scales as I like more grip but this aluminum does not feel too slick, and they are surprisingly comfortable. It contours to my hand and gives me just enough length to get a full four-finger grip. I can't really put my finger on it but I feel like I have more blade than I actually do. I think this is because the blade is by no means short, to begin with, but then my hand sits farther back due to the design. This makes the knife feel like there is plenty of material to get the job done. The action is fantastic and leaps into action as soon as you need it. Growing up I never really understood how much I would come to appreciate flippers. I don't always comment on the style choices or color but I like the all-black vibe going along with the blue pivot collar. It pops without being obnoxious. Lastly, D2 is one of my favorite steels for the price. It does a good job of holding an edge for most people and you aren't going to have to strain too much in order to touch it back up. Also, this has a coating on it so hopefully, it will be slightly more rust-resistant.


There are a few areas that could have been better. My main complaint is the pocket clip. While I like the current orientation, the lack of flexibility could be a serious downside for some people. I also wish that it would have been a deeper carry. As of right now, the very tail end of the frame sticks out of my pocket just enough to be noticeable for me. I also think that while the scales are not terrible, there are a few areas, specifically along the spine that could have been chamfered. These spots don't create a ton of hotspots, but it is enough to be slightly annoying. The last thing is that I really wish this could have been designed as a frame lock instead of a liner lock. I have said multiple times that a liner lock will get the job done most of the time and I don't have a real problem with it. However, a frame lock is normally stronger and I really just think it would have better completed this knife.


As I said earlier, I have been carrying the Caligo off and on ever since I picked it up on National Knife Day. It has served me well and overall, I think its a pretty solid knife. The things I mentioned in the cons section are not major issues for me but would definitely round out the knife and present a better design. Still, I have enjoyed carrying it and think that it serves its purpose and would be a good knife for the average person.


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