Camp Carry 1/5-6/19

Items In Picture:

SOG Field Pup 1:

Ozark Trail 200 Lm:

Gerber Suspension NXT:

Camkix Case and lenses:

I used the SOG Field Pup as my camp knife this weekend. It was great to finally get to really test it out as I picked it up on sell quite a while ago when I think they were discontinuing it and had not been able to really carry it. The problem is that normally we tend to go backpacking so I am unwilling to carry these heavier items. It worked really well but the edge did get a little bit gunky so I need to clean it up. I also attached a small ferro rod to the sheath so that I have easy access. Next up, I carried my Gerber Suspension NXT, which was mostly used while cooking to move around the grill on the coals. Even though I did not use this multi tool for a large variety of tasks I liked having it on my in case it was needed. For illumination I carried a simple 200 lumen flashlight in a random sheath. There isn't much to say about this light, it is pretty standard. Lastly, I kept my phone in a Camkix case that uses attachable lenses to take photos around the campsite and trails. I also slapped on a pop socket that I got for Christmas to add stability. My load out did change a little bit as we hiked but these were the items I kept on me while we were actually at our campsite. I did take several photos and videos so I hope to edit those together and post it this week.

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