Coast G19

Welcome to Flashlight Fridays... No I'm just kidding but funnily enough I do have flashlight reviews planned for the next few Fridays as of right now but this was completely coincidental. Anyways, lets take a look at the Coast G19 Inspection Light.

Product Description:

Brand: Coast

Length: 4"

Head Diameter: 0.625"

Body Diameter: 0.625"

Weight: 1.5oz

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX 4

Modes: 1 (Lumens/ Run-time/ Beam Distance/ Area) Inspection Beam (54 Lm/ 2.5hrs/65ft /30ft)

Control: Tail Button

Light Source: Unknown

Power Source: 1x AAA

Pocket Clip: Yes, Reversible

Additional Features: Non

Price: ~$10



The G19 makes a really good little inspection light for EDC especially around an office. I found it really well equipped for checking around my desk and office. The body feels very sturdy and secure. I also like the button, as it offers a nice click when activated. These two features make the G19 very comfortable in my hand as it has just enough texture to prevent slipping but does not dig in painfully. As I have pointed out in other flashlight reviews, I like simplistic flashlights, I do not feel the need for five different modes most of the time. I like that this light is either on or off and has a descent run-time while being operated by a common AAA battery. Lastly, like always I prefer a reversible clip on my flashlights.


The G19 does have a couple flaws in my opinion but nothing to drastic. First, because it is just an inspection beam it seems to lack when compared to other EDC flashlights even at a similar size. While I like the light especially the sharpness of the beam it falls short on the lumens and power when compared to other lights. I also wish that the clip was a little bit more secure as it feels slightly weak.


Overall, while I think that the G19 only has a couple of flaws, they do make a big enough difference for me to carry it more rarely. This light is by no means a bad product I just find that I want a little bit more out of my EDC flashlight and prefer to use it in more specific case.


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