Coast G20

I apologize for not getting this post out sooner but today was a bit hectic. The Coast G20 basically a big brother to the G19 that I reviewed here. I have actually had this version for longer but wanted to review the G19 first so now I have the opportunity. In addition, if you have not noticed I am trying to include a little bit more before we jump into the review from now on. On that note, lets take a look at the G20.

Product Description:

Brand: Coast

Length: 5.65"

Head Diameter: 0.625"

Body Diameter: 0.625"

Weight: 2.4oz

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX 4

Modes: 1 (Lumens/ Runtime/ Beam Distance/ Area) (54 Lm/ 10hrs/72ft /30ft)

Control: Tail Button

Light Source: Unknown

Power Source: 2x AAA

Pocket Clip: Yes, Reversible

Additional Features: None

Price: ~$10



The G20 has a lot of the same characteristics of its little brother and functions as a solid inspection light. It has a bright and defined beam that will light up your work space. The elongated body also accommodates a second battery, which in turn offers a longer run-time as the G19. This extended length also enables you to grip it with a full hand or use a couple fingers as it is definitely light enough. Other than that there are very few differences between these two versions.


While in most ways the longer body is a positive, I do tend to prefer shorter flashlights as they are less noticeable in my pocket. My only other real complaint about the G20 is that like the G19 the pocket clip could stand to be a bit more robust as I worry about it staying clipped to my pocket and not breaking.


Overall, as I stated earlier, the G20 makes a solid inspection light. In that capacity it is definitely an upgrade from the G19 due to the longer run-time and extended body which enables you to grip and maneuver the light slightly better. Similar to my thoughts last time, I tend to shy away from carrying this light as my EDC flashlight but it definitely performs well for the intended design, and I do not want that to be dismissed.


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