Grim and Bear It Complete Outdoor Cook Set Kickstarter

It hasn't been very long since my last Kickstarter post but because people are innovative and like putting out new products I have another for you today. Once again this is a product from Grim Workshop, however, this time they are collaborating with another great company Bear Minimum to offer a new compact and durable cook set that is great for camping and emergencies. This new series of products are the flagship line of the new collaboration they are calling Grim and Bear It. I have previously featured Kickstarters from Grim Workshop here and here. you know that I am a fan of their take on preparedness and gear in general so I won't go too far into detail. As I am sitting here I am actually waiting on my Tool Roll Wallet to be delivered which is exciting. Anyways, as I said earlier I have been a fan and supporter of Grim Workshop for a couple of years now and really like the flexibility that their gear offers. It makes a great backup item for me most of the time but can also be really beefed up to the point that an entire EDC or survival kit can be built around these micro tools that fit anywhere. So far Grim's gear has centered around a minimal package such as credit cards, dog tags, and zipper pulls. When looking to build a complete cook kit with Bear Minimum they knew that they were going to need to up their size a little bit. That being said this stuff is still incredibly compact, each piece of kit comes in a square form factor that perfectly fits into the footprint of the Baby Bear Bowl. What is a Baby Bear Bowl you might ask, well great question? So far most of my focus has been from the Grim side of this project, but they are only one piece of the puzzle here. As I said I mentioned earlier, they partnered with Bear Minimum who is known for their fold-able cook pot known as the Bear Bowl. This comes in three different sizes and offers you a great cooking pot that can be stored in something like a cargo pocket or small pouch. Both of these companies focus on high quality, durable, and compact gear meaning you never have to worry about having the right gear to get the job done.

Now on to the actual campaign, Several new items are being offered here; the Liddle, Bear Bones Stove, Eat'n Card, and Cut'n Board. The Liddle is a small lid that can go over your bowl or can easily be used as a small griddle by attaching its handle. The Bare Bones Stove serves as a stand for your Baby Bear Bowl or Liddle making it incredibly easy to cook your food. This also comes with half a dozen skewers giving you more options for cooking. The Eat'n card is already my favorite aspect as there is a ridiculous amount of features. With this component, you get one standard spatula, another spatula with a peeler and serrated edge, a large fork, and another spatula that has a bottle and can opener. These utensils can be linked to create improvised tongs. Basically, they are giving you whatever you need to get your food into your mouth. Last but not least, the Cut'n Board is pretty straight forward piece of gear that is incredibly helpful for food prep. I know how valuable a cutting board is when out camping because there have been a few times I forgot one and it can just make cooking irritating. Like most of the gear from Grim, these tools all fit back together so that they can stay secure and ready for your next adventure. I don't have a ton to add at this point other than covering the campaign details.

This is later than I normally do these features so the goal has already been long met and there is less time left. At the time of this writing, almost 3000 backers have raised over $30,000 to fund this project and there are currently 16 days to go so just over two weeks until it ends on September 6th. If you are interested in this project you have quite a few options to choose from, at the bottom you can choose from individual items as a pledge reward or move it up to a set of the new gear. Maybe you are like me and want to throw in a Baby Bear Bowl in order to get everything together, and maybe you are not like me and need 10 sets of gear. I just don't have that large of a demand. Anyways, this is some really solid gear that I will be testing once I get outside with it.

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