Expedition Research Grills

Hey, its good to be back on the site. I ended up taking Monday off somewhat by mistake. I actually took the day off from work and just got distracted by my to do list so I did not get around to finishing this post on time, and decided to push it back. Let's take a look at the Expedition Research Bushcraft Grills. This is going to be a bit different and shorter than my normal reviews, but I wanted to cover the basics and a brief look at my experience with them.


Brand: Expedition Research

Sizes: 9.5" X 5" and 5" X 5"

Material: Stainless Steel

Additional Features: Included is a carrying bag

Price: ~$18


I picked up the Expedition Research Original Bushcraft Grills last year, hoping to use them on different camping trips. Unfortunately, most of the trips I went on were either backpacking trips (during burn bans) or large group camps where a small grill was not going to be enough. That situation forced me to relegate these grills to my extra camp gear box in the hopes of getting them out in the future. Well, that time has finally started to come. I was able to take them with me when we went car camping at the beginning of the year and see how they performed. Hopefully I can do a little more car camping this spring with our dog, and maybe the burn bans will be lifted.

As I mentioned, I used the large grill the last time we camped in order to cook hot dogs for dinner. In my opinion, this is definitely a good test just due to how simple hot dogs are. Overall, the large grill did well, it provides just enough cooking surface to get the job done without packing on too much weight. The design of the grill also means that there is little interference from the material, as in you do not have to wait a long time for the steel to heat up as it is not conductive heating. I definitely need some more practice just to be able to judge the height and heat needed for different meals. That being said I am still happy with the product and very excited to take it out some more. The grills feel very durable and I expect to be able to get some serious usage out of them. I would imagine that the larger grill will do most of my cooking but I also think that the small square one will work great for something like boiling water on a small twig or solid fuel stove. I also hope to pick up their titanium version at some point to give it a test but that is a task for another day.


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