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No I don't necessarily mean fidget spinners or cubes. While I do have a couple of fidget spinners I don't use them because I can't mindlessly use them while focusing my brain on something else and they tend to be rather distracting. I mean overall just items that you tend to play with while thinking of kind of mindlessly staring off into the distance. Here's the thing I've always liked to keep my hands busy even when they don't need to be. For a long time as a kid that meant playing with pens or coins. Those are sort of the staples and they still even have a place for me know. The biggest thing for me know is that I like having something small and discreet that I can carry in my coin pocket so that when I am bored or just need to have my hands doing something I can quickly pull it out and play with it. My solution was to start swapping in small items throughout my EDC so that I could always have that option.

Quark Tool, Backnife, Twisted Anchor, StatGear Pocket Lumen, Cross, Coins, Slughaus Bullet 02, Stone, Stage Pin

I like to keep these items in a little organizer on my nightstand with the exception of the utility knives; they live in a small bin with other small knives with my main collection. For the most part these items all have either some sort of utility, a story behind them, or both.

As you can see there are a couple utility knives and flashlights. These serve as backups for my main carry especially when the larger options would be to overkill. There are a couple coins, one is a passing coin, my wife and I both have a version. The other coin is from the place where I took here on our first date. One of the crosses was a stocking suffer while the other was a piece of a necklace that broke. The anchor and fishing swivel came together from a Kickstarter Twisted Anchor. It is designed as a gear tie but I really like it as is. The stone is honestly as weird as it may sound, my favorite thing to play with. It is super smooth and fits nicely between my fingers. The bolt is a small DIY fidget toy. I like to spin the lock washers and push them up and down the bolt. I also have a little R2-D2 mini figurine that I found, I really like Star Wars but honestly don't carry it much because its just a little awkwardly shaped for my purposes. Lastly, we have a stage pin from a three pin connector. I work in a theater and like to roll it in my hand, its just one of those little things that has some memories attached to it.

Here's the thing, I like random little things that I can play with, it helps me focus. This isn't for everyone but it might be for you. I just encourage everyone to find their own style and run with it. Like always a good chunk of these items come from crowd funding, which for me adds character (marked with an *).

*Passing Coin

Quark Tool


*Slughaus Bullet 02

*StatGear Pocket Lumen

*Twisted Anchor



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