Firefly Headlamp

I first want to apologize for not getting my post out on Monday, I had some flight delays on Sunday and started back on Monday with an incredibly busy day so I pushed this post back to today. Also, the headlamp pictured is not available anymore so I will be referring to a UST model that is identical in every way other than color and going by the name Tight Light. Other than that, this is honestly an amazing little headlamp that is my default when camping or backpacking so I am excited to share it.


Brand: UST

Head-strap: Plastic

Body Material: Plastic

Body Demensions: 32 x 32 x 25 mm

Weight: 28g

Modes: 5 High (30 Lm/10hr), Low (5 Lm/48hr), SOS (30hr), Red (3Lm/30 hr), Red SOS (60hr)

Function: Button

Power Source: 2x CR2032 batteries

Light Source: Unspecified LEDs

Waterproof: IPX6

Additional Features: Adjustable clip that changes angle and allows light to be attached to other items.

Price: ~$8 (link to a UST version as this one is unavailable)



The best feature of this little headlamp is just that, it is incredibly small. At 28 grams you will not feel this headlamp weighing down your head or pack. The small nature of the light enables it to somewhat disappear until you need it. Another important aspect in my opinion is that it comes with a red light which enables you to see around without using the harsh white light. This is great for not only preserving your night vision but also making sure that you do not disturb other people. One feature that trips me up frequently but I really appreciate is that the button requires a longer hold in order to turn on so that it is not accidentally activated in your pack which would drain the batteries. As long as you remember that you will be fine. Lastly, it is very convenient that this headlamp uses shock cord for its strap. This allows it to adjust very easily and does not add any significant weight to the overall total. If the body of the light was heavier the shock cord would struggle to secure it to your head but in this case, everything is perfectly balanced.


I only have one real problem with this light and one design change I would make. I have a somewhat large head, which means that I have to extend the shock cord to its absolute max in order to fit it on myself. Even at that point it is still somewhat tight and I can't really imagine if I kept my hair long. I can still use the light but I wish it was a little bit larger in that area. My only other thought is that I wish it was rechargeable. While the CR2032 batteries that are used are not incredibly hard to find, it would just be a really nice feature.


As I said at that beginning, I really like this headlamp. Before I tried it out I carried a much larger lamp and it just always felt excessive and bulky so I have enjoyed the change ever since. Once again, the link and information is going to be related to the UST Tight Light specifically rather than the Firefly that I own, but everything should line up.


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