First Mate's Flint

I am always excited to bring you another crowdfunding project. Over the past couple of years, I have found them to be very interesting and I love jumping in at the ground level with makers. Today we are taking another look at Oceanus Brass, who has been featured multiple times on this site and genuinely started my interest in brass gear. Earlier this week, they launched another Kickstarter with the introduction of the First Mate's Flint. This is a small lighter in the form of classic Peanut Lighters. I don't feel the need to reiterate my entire history with Oceanus Brass again so we are going to jump right into their newest product.

As I mentioned above, the First Mate's Flint is a small peanut style lighter made out of brass, which is interesting due to the fact that most of this style of lighter is constructed from stainless steel so seeing brass from a trustworthy company is a nice addition. As I have stressed before, I love the look of brass as it patinas and for many products, brass proves to be an excellent option as it resists corrosion and can endure the elements. As the lighter ages and experiences use, it will only look better. The Flint is made up of several components that can largely be divided between the cap and the body. The cap is a brass lid that completely covers the moving parts of the lighter such as the striker wheel and wick. This cap has an attachment point on top specifically designed to incorporate the standard Oceanus Brass Bowshackle that is a component on many of their items. The body of the lighter gets a little bit more complicated, there is an outer brass casing that holds the internal mechanism along with an o-ring that seals the two pieces to create a watertight seal. Inside the body, you have a brass container that holds the fuel, wick, and striker components. I may be making it sound a little bit more complicated than it is because once you get your hands on a lighter like this, everything starts to make sense. The Flint is 48 mm long when paired with the bow-shackle and 14 mm wide. It weighs 39.7 grams according to current specifications. I have always found lighters and fire-starters, in general, to be rather interesting despite the fact that I rarely use them in my day to day life. Therefore, I don't carry lighters all that often but when I do I only really carry reusable lighters that feel solid. Ultimately I like having different options and am excited to have a good brass lighter for my occasional rotation.

At the time of this writing, the First Mate's Flint has far surpassed the original goal as nearly 300 people have raised over $10,000 in support of this campaign. You still have time if this interests you as we are only in the early stages and the campaign will run until December 19th. Be sure to check it out and hopefully one of you can grab the last of the Super Early Bird Special, otherwise, there are still several levels of support that allow you to pick up different quantities of this awesome product. Check them out here. Anyways, have a great weekend, I am going camping so I will actually be starting some campfires of my own.


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