Gerber Dime

Product Description:

Brand: Gerber

Plyer Type: Needle Nose, Spring Loaded

Blade Length: ???

Closed Length: 2.75"

Overall Length: 4.25"

Weight: 2.2oz

Material: Stainless Steel

Opening Mechanism: Butterfly

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Tools: Wire Cutter, Package Opener, Scissors, Medium Flat-Head Driver, Phillips Driver, Tweezers, File, Bottle Opener

Additional Features: Lanyard/Key-ring

Price: ~$15



Because the Dime is so small it is incredibly easy to carry in a variety of ways, I tend to carry it in my fifth pocket. This gives me quick access to a very portable and EDC friendly multi-tool. I really like the spring loaded pliers and scissors. This just makes it easier to use these tools in a comfortable fashion. A hue bonus is that you can access the tools from the closed position so they are always ready to go. I also appreciate the addition of a set of tweezers because they can come in really handy.


One small issue I have is that because of how small and smooth the Dime is I occasionally have to work to pry the tool open. I don't have to work to hard, but it can be a task to get my fingers into the right place without them sliding. I also do not really see myself using the key-ring as it would just add to much bulk and weight to my keys.


I have expressed my overall opinions on multi-tools before and tend to stay away from ones that do not have pocket clips but decided to pick this up as a cyber Monday deal. Ultimately, I do like the design of the Dime, but I just don't tend to carry it very often. I tend to carry other items instead of this multi-tool. I also think that I am just used to having access to true pliers pretty much all the time whether at work, home, or out and about. Overall, the construction feels pretty solid and despite the small size I never feel like the dime is going to give out on me.

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