Gerber EAB Pocket Knife

Product Description:

Brand: Gerber

Weight: 2.38oz

Length Open: 5.1"

Length Closed: 2.85"

Thickness: .3"

Blade Material: Utility Blade

Handle Material: Stainless Material

Opening: Manual Opening

Pocket Clip: Yes

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock.

Lanyard Hole: No

Price: ~$9



Fist and foremost, this knife is a great little utility blade. It is really handy for when you need to do some cutting that your normal knife might be a bit to overqualified for, like opening up boxes and other packages. As far as pocket sized utility blades go, this is one of the most ergonomic designs I have found. It is incredibly comfortable as you can get almost an entire hand on the knife without risking contact with the blade. This is partially due to the bottom part of the blade being covered by a small curved grip. The biggest plus for any sort of knife like this is you never half to worry about the blade dulling or chipping. When something like that happens it is just a quick change and you have a brand new blade.


My only real gripe is with the pocket clip. It is too stiff to effectively be used as a money clip as it is marketed and almost to stiff to clip onto your pocket.

General Thoughts:

If you are interested in transitioning to a utility blade or simply adding one to your carry this is a great option, especially because both it and its lighter variation are add-on items over on Amazon. One thing to remember is that this knife will probably handle most tasks your normal blade would but won't necessarily be up to the task for larger jobs meaning you definitely need to evaluate your requirements. One last thing to point out is the option of using this as a money clip. For starters it definitely is possible, there are just some problems like I mentioned earlier. Because of the stiffness of the clip you will not be able to carry a large amount of bills and you might also feel uncomfortable if you carry it in your back pocket. Just a warning is all.

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