Gerber Mullet

Well, it's official, I have a mullet. I never thought I would say that, but here I am. Of course, I don't mean that stylish hair-do but just imagine if I did. The good old "Business in the front, party in the back". No, I'm talking about the single-piece multi-tool from Gerber. Interestingly enough Gerber was also featured in my post last Friday, the Fastball. I think that given the overall design of this tool it best fits as a key-dangler/tool similar to the Griffin Pocket Tool I normally carry. I gave it a try and am ready to share my thoughts.

Product Description:

Brand: Gerber

Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 76.2mm (3“)

Width: 22.35mm (0.88“)

Thickness: 2.794mm (0.11“)

Weight: 19.8447g (0.7oz)

Tools: Pry Tip, Wire Stripper, Nail Puller, Scraper, Small Flathead driver, Large Flathead driver, Phillips driver, ¼” hex driver, Bottle opener, Belt loop hanger, Key-ring

Additional Features: N/A

Price ~$8.50



If you are going to use this tool as a key dangler attached to your belt loop, then the clip on it works great. I do have some issues with in-pocket carry below but if it is attached to your belt loop then the lip on the end gives just enough room to attach it without worrying about it coming loose. The slim form factor also means that it will stay close to your body and reduce your bulk. The design of the pry-tip itself was very well done, the angle of the tip slopes up significantly meaning that you should be able to get great leverage around the pivot point. Overall, the tool feels very light but heavy-duty enough to get through pretty much any job you could throw at a little pocket tool.


The Mullet takes a bit of getting accustomed to, the size and shape are slightly different from what I am used to. Most of my concerns center around using the Mullet as a key dangler so if that is not your plan then you will be perfectly fine with some of the aspects that bother me. The location of the pry bar means that you will potentially have interference with whatever you attach to the key-ring hole. If you use the included key-ring it is large enough that most items should not be a problem. However, I wanted to minimize that a little bit and just use the s-biner that I already have on my keys to attach everything. This configuration means that everything has to sort of hang off of the back of the frame. I have also had to get used to the width of the Mullet. When I hang it from my pocket it has to sit at an angle or it will dig into my thigh. Now for more on the design of the tool itself. If you are going to use this as a pry tool then just be aware that the Phillips-head driver will probably dig into your hand a little bit. I have not found a comfortable way to mitigate this. While the pain is pretty minimal you definitely notice the presence of a sharp point in your palm. On a similar theme, I understand that hex slots are on pretty much every tool possible, but due to the shape and how thin the Mullet is, I have found it difficult to get a comfortable grip that allows me to actually use the driver without my fingers being in the way.


The Mullet might work great for some people, however, I don't think it works for how I wanted to carry it. I might give it some more time just in my fifth pocket once I rotate back in a key organizer that I do not pair with the Griffin Pocket Tool but I think that is its best shot at consistent use for me. Plenty of other people might find this tool to be perfect for what they need, I just have not found it very comfortable to use, but for less than $10 there really aren't many better options.


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