Gerber Suspension NXT

Product Description:

Brand: Gerber

Plier Type: Needle Nose

Closed Length: 4.25"

Overall Length: 6.25"

Weight: 6.7oz

Material: Stainless Steel

Opening Mechanism: Butterfly

Pocket Clip: Yes

Additional Tools: Regular Pliers, Wire Cutter, 2.25" Combo Blade, Scissors, Phillips Driver, Large, Three Flathead Drivers, Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Awl, File, Ruler, Wire Stripper

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole, Locks for tools

Price: ~$30



The Suspension NXT is one of the best value multi-tool purchase you can make. There are a few issues that I will cover in the next section, but for the most part, you will be hard pressed to find a decent alternative for a similar price point. This multi-tool premiered at just under $40 and has been consistently priced at around $30 since that time. The Suspension NXT features a large variety of tools that not only are accessible from the closed position but also feature sturdy locks that are just as easy to utilize. These tools should allow you to tackle most tasks you may be faced with. For me, one of the biggest selling points for a multi-tool is the presence of a pocket clip, which the Suspension NXT does possess. The last thing I want to point out is that the Suspension NXT has a very skeletonized frame that helps to cut down on weight while still being a full sized multi-tool.


As I said, there are a couple of issues with the Suspension NXT that I want to point out. First is that the needle nose pliers do not completely line up on my version, and I have seen other people point this out as well. The second problem I want to point out is that the Suspension NXT is not always the most comfortable tool for your hand. Many of the edges on it are rather thin and pointy meaning that there is the potential for several hot spots.


Overall, as I said at the very beginning, this is a great purchase for the price. I definitely advise purchasing the Suspension NXT from Amazon so that you can take advantage of the lower price that has had some wide fluctuation, as opposed to the consistent $35 on the Gerber website. At the time of this writing it is actually back up to $35 but hopefully it will drop again. There are definitely some other multi-tools that are great products, but for someone who tends to not use multi-tools, this is a great option. I also like Gerber, so I was happy to try out one of their products.

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