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Everyone eats, even backpackers. Yes, many backpackers are heavily focused on going lightweight and shedding every non-necessary ounce that they possibly can. By no means a serious ultralight backpacker, but I definitely want to carry as little frivolous weight as possible. That concern coupled with my desire to find budget friendly solutions is what led me to my cook set for backpacking. I carry some very lightweight items in this set while also looking for the best bang for my buck. Lets take a look and hopefully it will give you some ideas.


I use the Magellan Titanium Spork as covered here. This is a great little titanium spork, as I noted it could be a little longer but overall it is a great product for the price. I am looking at potentially substituting for one of my morsel sporks that I just received as mentioned here.

Cook Pots:

My main cook pot is the Stanley 24 ounce Cook Set covered here. I also nest this into a normal metal camp cup with folding handles. Combined with this I also do have the option of carrying a separate lid that I purchased, but don't have quite the need for it since I have the Stanley pot.


The stove I use is a BRS titanium stove covered here. I partner this with a normal canister of propane/isobutane mix fuel. The brand I have been using is Jetboil simply because it is available at local stores.


I carry a couple handkerchiefs in my cook set for a couple different reasons. One is used to help the to pots nest together securely without rattling. I also keep another one in my pot to help to cushion anything I store inside the pot like my spork and spices. Speaking of spices, I keep a small bottle of mixed salt and pepper to add flavor. I keep everything tightly stuffed inside a stuff sack so that I don't lose any individual piece.

Similar Spork:

Stanley Cook Pot:

Similar Cup:

DZO Lid:

BRS Stove:


White Cotton Handkerchief

Outdoor Products Ditty Bag:

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