Griffin Pocket Tool in Brass

I've had a few Griffin Pocket Tools for a while and specifically the brass version for a almost couple of months now so I thought I would do a quick feature on it as for the most part it has lived in my pocket everyday since it got in. First and foremost, I picked it up as an addition to the brass carry I have been working on and just never ended up swapping my keys back to their normal set up until just recently.

Obviously, the only difference between this version and the standard Stainless Steel version is the material. This affects the price and theoretically the toughness of the tool. On both of those points I think it is a worth, while trade off if you actually want the brass version. The price only increases by about $5 so its pretty minimal. Additionally, the use of brass would theoretically weaken the integrity of the tool as brass is a softer metal but I have not had a single problem. Granted, I'm sure if you put it through some absolutely ridiculous scenarios outside of its intended design there might be some differences. I have noticed one or two small nicks along the edges but I don't think that this is unique to the brass construction. I certainly have not seen any weird flexing or bending even as it is used in more strenuous situations. beyond that everything else is the same from the dimensions to the tools included so any thoughts I have previously expressed including my original brief thoughts are applicable here as well.

I have really enjoyed the brass GPT, obviously I have fallen in love with the material but I already enjoyed the design and had been using it in my key set-up prior to switching. Since switching I have continued to find it a very suitable addition to my carry. The Griffin Pocket Tool feels very comfortable in your hand and adds a considerable amount of tools without detracting from its sleek frame.


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