Grim Workshop Roll Wallet

Well, I am back from vacation and happy to be here. I plan on putting together a post soon just highlighting what all I saw but in the meantime, it's back to work. Today I have another Kickstarter campaign that I am very excited about. Over the past couple of weeks, Grim Workshop has been teasing a new Kickstarter campaign and it has finally arrived. Before we take a look I just want to highlight the fact that this campaign reached its funding goal in one and a half hours. That is always impressive and speaks to not only the specific campaign we are looking at but also the history of the company on this platform.

For those of you that don't know Grim Workshop is a company based out of Texas primarily manufactures survival and EDC tools in a few different form factors, from credit-card sized tools to dog tags, all the way down to a line of micro tools that make great zipper pulls for quick access. The latter design is actually how I first came across them through Kickstarter. You may also remember their second campaign the Lock Pick and Escape System that I covered here. Overall Grim focuses on creating high quality, compact, and reusable tool solutions. Grim tools are made out of hardened 400 series stainless steel. This gives it great durability and corrosive resistance so that you won't find a broken tool when you need it most. All three of the current sizes are incredibly easy to store, whether in your wallet or bag, on a necklace or bracelet, or any number of options; you always have a place to stash a tool. Grim trims down their tools to an average thickness of 1 mm meaning that they eliminate additional bulk. Also, many of their designs feature an array of components jam-packed into the frame to take advantage of every last bit of real estate. Grim wants you to have all the tools you need right at your disposal. Speaking of disposal, with Grim you don't have to worry about a one and done tool system. They use a custom retention system to keep the smaller components attached to the frame. This means that you can quickly reattach needles, lock-picks, and whatever else you might have used right back in their home. With all of the tools Grim has designed, they knew that a great next move would be to find a way for everything to be stored and organized together. This lead to their newest campaign the Tool Roll Wallet. Luckily, not only is this wallet designed to perfectly compliment Grim's existing tools but you also have the capability to add in your own items. As I said, I'm excited to try it out so let's see what it has to offer.

The Tool Roll Wallet is quite literally designed to function as both/either a tool roll or a wallet. You have the ability to fully load this thing out with a ton of gear and use it as a one-stop shop for everything you need or trim the contents down and just keep the essentials so that it feels a little bit closer to a traditional wallet. Starting from the outside and working our way in, the Tool Roll Wallet is hand made from buffalo leather which gives it great structure while still offering a large amount of flexibility, which is integral when it comes to pockets. It also features solid brass hardware at the main intersections. This construction offers great durability meaning that everything will hold together for years to come. The leather should resist excessive wear beyond a natural patina, and the brass, which I am always a fan of, will maintain its integrity and add a nice touch to the overall look of the design. Using the brass eyelets you can also attach a strap to make carrying easier. Grim is offering a leather wrist strap or brass purse strap as add-ons. Once you open everything up you will notice several layers of elastic straps spread across the inside. The eighteen straps will allow you to include any odd sized items you might have or even smaller containers. Last but certainly not least, we have the real meat of the wallet, pockets, and boy are there a lot of them. The Tool Roll Wallet offers six credit card pockets, two medium side pockets, eight small pockets, twelve micro pockets, and one extra large pocket. This gives you the capability to fit in a good chunk of the Grim tools as well as customize with additional gear you need.

Grim is offering three levels of pledge rewards. The first at $65 will get you the Tool Roll Wallet with five of Grim's weatherproof tip cards. The next level at $160 will get you the previous items along with a decent sized starting point that will get your Tool Roll Wallet most of the way filled right from the start. Lastly, $485 will get you the Tool Roll Wallet along with over two hundred fifty tools, which is most of their catalog. I would have loved to list out everything here but there are simply too many items for me to keep this compact. On top of those levels, they also have the two strap options that you can add on if you would like. At the time of this writing, there is over $17,000 pledged by over one hundred fifty backers and we still have twenty-eight days to go until the conclusion of this campaign. I highly encourage you to check it out here. This already looks like a great solution for people like me who have a ton of items spread around and would love to centralize their gear into a compact form factor. For those of you that are interested in the other products feel free to look here.


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