HT-440 Wallet Knife

I have a little bit of a different item for us to look at today. While yes, it is still a pocket knife in most respects but in a very different form factor. This is specifically designed to carry in your wallet. This allows you to always have it on your person when you need it.

Product Description:

Brand: Zootility

Blade Length: 54 mm (2 1/8“)

Closed Length: 80 mm(3 1/8“)

Overall Length: 25.5 mm (4 15/16“)

Weight: 34 g (1.2oz)

Blade Thickness: 1 mm (1/16“)

Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel

Handle Material: 440 Stainless Steel

Grind: Chisel

Blade Design: Modified Clip Point

Locking: Frame Lock

Opening Mechanism: Thumb Knick

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Removable Blade, Ruler, Flathead Drivers, Bottle Opener

Price: ~$45



The biggest advantage to this type of knife is that it is extremely portable and can always be with you. It just sits in your wallet and waits for you to need it. It also has a ton of tools built into the frame which might just be exactly what you need. Another really nice feature is that the blade is completely removable. It isn't quite as disposable as something like a craft or utility blade but it can be taken apart and thrown away if needed. This can really be handy when it comes to traveling with restrictions.


While there are some nice aspects to this knife I do have a couple of major complaints. First, I strongly dislike combination blades. You never get quite enough blade with this option because it tries to accommodate multiple situations. This only gets worse in my opinion when the blade is this short. I feel like I can't really get any solid use out of this blade. That is then combined with the fact that that the frame of this knife is so thing and hard I dislike holding it. Frankly, it isn't designed to really do serious cutting but even in small amounts it digs violently into my hand.


For a while I carried wallet tools like this because it seemed like a great idea. I liked having whatever tool I needed. However, I have gotten away from that as I moved to minimal wallets and I just don't find myself carrying items like this anymore. I still like the overall thought process but I have my issues with it.


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