January 8th Pocket Dump

So here is my first official pocket dump of the new year. Obviously I have carried gear the past week plus but I really enjoyed the last couple of days of my vacation and have been getting back into the swing of things at work. Overall most of the gear is mostly normal for me, I have been carrying an extra knife so that I could test out the new SAK clip I have. In the meantime, the Bugout found its way back into my pocket again.

Chicago Comb No 1 Carbon Fiber

Victorinox Tinker

Clip and Carry Pocket Clip

Black Bandana (Hank)

Trayvax Summit

Griffin Pocket Tool Titanium

Olight I1R 2 EOS

Oceanus Brass Bowshackle

Nite-Ize Locking S-Biner

Benchmade Bugout Blackout

Tactile Turn Bolt Action Titanium

Olight Baton Pro


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