Ka-Bar Shark Bite

Product Description:

Brand: Ka-Bar

Style: Fixed Blade

Weight: 0.8oz

Blade Length: 2.6"

Blade Width: 1.4"

Overall Length: 5.1"

Blade Type: Punch point, Fine edge

Blade Material: Ultramid B3EG6 Hard Plastic

Handle Material: Ultramid B3EG6 Hard Plastic

Sheath: Yes, Ultramid

Primary Carry Style: Neck Knife

Price: ~$9 (Add-on Item)




Quite frankly the biggest pro for this knife is the fact that it is just so darn cheap. It is hard to find a dedicated self defense knife for what feels like a descent price. Now of course these items are meant to potentially save your life so you want them to be reliable, but its just nice to have a budget friendly alternative. Another big plus is how light it is. You certainly don't feel like you are carrying to much extra weight, it blends nicely into your carry. I also really like the angle, most knives of this style come with a forty-five degree angle so that you can slash easier. This one comes with about a ninety degree angle making it more natural for a punching motion.


There are a few drawbacks to this knife. The most obvious one is that this is an additional item you have to carry. You certainly won't be breaking this out to open a package, but hey that's not what the Shark Bite is meant for. Another problem you might have is that the whole knife is made out of a hard plastic, which is why its so cheap. This doesn't mean the plastic is terrible quality, it just means you cant sharpen the blade like a normal steel knife. I wish that the handle offered a little bit better of a grip as it is pretty short and thin, but this doesn't cause too many problems. Personally my biggest gripe is the sheath itself. I don't like neck knives one bit so I'm not going to carry it that way. Luckily the sheath does have two notches for a belt to feed through but they are pretty small and don't fit my belts.

General Thoughts:

Because my biggest problem with this knife is how it is meant to be carried I had to find a solution. I purchased some belt clips and used the screw holes to mount them. Now the whole thing sits inside my waistband in the small of my back. It frankly isn't the most efficient way to draw the blade due to how you have to pull the knife off of the sheath but it satisfies my desire for discreetness without losing all of its effectiveness.

Link to clips: https://amzn.to/2O8qBg7

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