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I think I am just in a little bit of a key organizer mood. Plus I want to do something besides just review another flashlight or knife and I still need to do some more testing before I finish my next collection post. So that brings us here, to the Keysmart Rugged. Before I get into my normal review I want to cover why I use a key organizer in the first place.

I have been carrying the KeySmart Rugged for a little over a year now and I really like it. Before I always carried my keys on a key ring like most people and it always just sat at the bottom of my pocket. I tried using a carabiner and strap to let it hang into my pocket but I never liked that either and I certainly didn't want my keys just flopping around. For people with just a couple keys this may not be a big problem but while I was in college this got pretty annoying. I had a key to my home, whether it was a dorm or apartment, keys to my parents houses, a key to my work, a key to my church, my truck keys, and an assortment of small tools. Plus I typically carried this Nite Ize DoohicKey which I reviewed here. That really added up and created a chunk of metal just sitting in my pocket just waiting to pock into my leg. After a while I wanted a new solution and looked around. Naturally I noticed the KeySmart brand because its one of the premier brands in this market. However, it felt to expensive for what it was and I couldn't find it in any stores near me so I would be forced to order online, which at this point I really disliked. So I found what was essentially a cheaper version made out of really thin aluminum. For a starter, this was ok, however it certainly wasn't something I wanted to carry forever once I started using it. The edges were somewhat sharp just because of the thinness, it banged up pretty easy, and it was hard to adjust the thickness for more or less keys. Then came prime day last year. They dropped the price on the Rugged and I snatched it up. Honestly, I didn't care as much about the size of the organizer compared to the standard KeySmart, it was the pocket clip that sold it to me. Ever since then I have used the Rugged as my organizer and frankly haven't found anything that has tempted me away. It has suited me well as my key carrying set up has evolved. It carries the five keys I need on a regular basis along with a USB drive. The only change I plan on making are removing two keys and keeping them separate on the Micro organizer here. Now it clips on my pocket and suspends my tuck keys making everything super easy to access. For a while I carried all of those tools on a separate key-ring covered here. The only thing I still have to deal with being messy are my work keys which hang on a different carabiner that supports all twenty (yes I said twenty) of them. Lets take a look at the actual review now.

Product Description:

Brand: KeySmart


Post to Post: 76mm

Plate Thickness: 2.8mm

Material: Aluminium

Key Capacity: 2-14

Pocket Clip: Yes

Price: ~$35



Just like pretty much any key organizer the main pro is that all your keys are exactly where you expect them. I love the pocket clip, and I love the little bottle opener/ loop. I don't honestly use this to open bottles mostly but I need the loop to attach my truck keys so instead of using the version without the bottle opener I have it in case I ever need it.


It can be a bit bulky due to the added thickness but this is also the selling point just so you know. Other than that it can just be hard when you first start using it to get everything spaced correctly and evenly.

General Thoughts:

I really like my KeySmart and especially recommend the Rugged version due to the pocket clip.

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