Kootek Mini LED Flashlight

Product Description:

Brand: Kootek

Weight: 8.8oz

Length Closed: 3.75"

Length Extended: 4"

Modes: 3 (Bright, Dim, Strobe)

Power: 1x AA

Source: XPE-Q5 LED

Build: Aluminum

Button: Recessed

Pocket Clip: Detachable

Focus: Yes

Lanyard Hole: Yes

Price: ~$14 (5-Pack)



First and foremost is that this flashlight is cheap, a five pack costs just under $14, which makes it great for tossing in a few bags as backups. The wight feels good in your hand and pocket. It isn't heavy without being so light that you feel like you are going to lose it. The Aluminum body is showing its toughness. It has been dropped numerous times over the past few weeks onto hard surfaces from a few feet and has not shown any serious damage, and almost none at all. I have also been happy with the brightness of the light and I personally prefer flash lights that have no more than three modes. I also dislike proud buttons so any flashlight that has a recessed button that is still easy to reach gets a bonus in my opinion.


There are some issues with this light in its construction mostly. First, the clip can be a problem. It does not have strong tension, so it is easy for it to get knocked out of your pocket. It would also be nice if you could reverse the clip's position, however there is no location for this. I have also had some problems with the focusing mechanics. The biggest irritation is that the red piece that threads into the body of the light catches around the LED sometimes when focusing it back to flood. I personally dislike lights that focus but that is a personal preference that I tend to get past. I have also found that a couple times in my pocket the top has come somewhat loose but not all the way off. In the last picture it is seen completely removed. This is the point of contact that I mentioned before as well.

General Thoughts:

Overall I like this flashlight, especially because of the price point. I really like the size and the fact that they kept it mostly simple with the button placement and modes. I have a few gripes but have still been carrying this flashlight even past my initial testing period, and it has become one of my most commonly carried flashlights.


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