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I apologize for not getting a post out sooner but the past couple weeks have been incredibly busy like I mentioned last week. This was also a little bit of a different trip than we are used to taking. Normally I go on a trip with just my wife or a couple friends. This time we went as a ministry which meant that everyone was spread out. In addition to that factor I worked late on the Friday before so I had to get up early and drive up to the canyon. Unfortunately, as we spent time there I kept realizing that I had forgotten several different items. Most of these were not a huge deal but a couple were like my camera lenses and our tent fly. Luckily a couple camping with us felt like being lazy and sleeping in their car instead of setting up their tent so we were able to borrow their fly. On the other hand my forgetfulness caused me to not get several pictures so we only have a small handful to work with. This trip was also different in the sense that normally I spend most of my time hiking but this weekend several of us stayed around camp playing games and tending to the fire and food. Overall, this was a good trip, I certainly am not meaning for it to sound like I am complaining but just noting the differences between my normal experiences and this weekend. I did get to go on one trail which was nice especially because we took our dog so she got to experience the great outdoors. All in all like I said I did have a good time so I want to share the few pictures I did get.


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