Leatherman Crater C33

Product Description:

Brand: Leatherman

Weight: 2.36oz

Blade Length: 2.6"

Length Closed: 3.87"

Blade Material: 420 HC

Handle Material: Glass Filled Nylon

Opening: Manual

Pocket Clip: Yes, Tip Down

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock

Additional Features: Bottle Opener/Carabiner

Price: ~$30




This feels like a good little knife. I say little just because a lot of knives I am used to tend to be on the bigger size but the Cratter C33 is up to the task for anything I have thrown at it. I seems to be a near perfect size for EDC, it is small enough to kind of disappear, without being so small as to get lost easily or not be able to accomplish daily tasks. I also particularly like this solid blade version because I feel like I get more usage across the blade. Another feature that I like is that the carabiner is collapsible. I personally never want a knife with a carabiner on the back so I like that I can collapse it and never even notice it until I start to fiddle with it while bored. It also doubles as a bottle opener but so does just about everything else. The last thing I want to cover is that the handle is open on both sides. This is not a must for me but I always like this feature because it allows me to clean out the handle easier


The thumb stud is only on one side which would make it very difficult to open as a left handed individual. I have noticed that even as a right handed person it can be difficult to open the blade without encountering noticeable resistance. Of course you don't want the blade to just fall open and the resistance has gone down after more usage but is was pretty annoying at the beginning. I have noticed that the pocket clip somewhat digs into my index finger during use. this is just due to the width of the clip and how far forward it is positioned.

General Thoughts:

I picked this knife up in a combo pack with a Leatherman REV so I wasn't paying normal price for it; if it hadn't been in that pack I more than likely never would have picked it up. This is not really significant but the glass filled nylon of the handle reminds me of something that is 3D printed.

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