Machine Era Markup Pen

Today I have another brass pen, the Machine Era Markup. I backed this a while ago on Kickstarter and have been trying to find excuses to carry it. Unfortunately, just like all of my brass items I have to make time to carry it as the brass just doesn't fit with my day to day most of the time. I am also trying to figure out what to do with pictures currently, I have been trying to use my old camera but have been having trouble with the quality so for now I am back to my phone. Its just one of those things I'm trying to figure out.

Product Description:

Brand: Machine Era

Length: 116.84 mm (4.6“)

Body Diameter: 10.16 mm (0.4“)

Weight: 45.36 g (1.6 oz)

Point Size: Depends

Material: Brass

Pocket Clip: Yes

Writing Style: Depends

Opening Mechanism: Twist Lid

Refillable: Yes

Additional Features: N/A

Price: ~$38



The Markup pen is a tad bit smaller but due to the brass construction, it feels great in hand. Many solid metal pens can get pretty heavy, which after a certain point gets cumbersome. However, this pen balances size and weight perfectly. As long as you have a good insert in it this pen will just glide across the paper. I really appreciate that the tail of the body has an extra set of threads on it so that you can secure the cap when using the pen. This also elongates the body giving you more real estate to hold onto. Overall, the pen feels very well made, the machining was very smooth and the three components fit together perfectly. Lastly, I want to point out that the width of the body makes it a great fit for many organizers. It is taller than something like a space pen but it still fits nicely in many elastic bands or organizer sleeves.


First, there are plenty of people who are not particularly fond of twist cap pens. I am typically among that group. The only way I am able to really move past that feature is if there is a way to secure the cap like on this pen. For me, it is just a bit of an inconvenience compared to something like a click pen that is instant deployment. I will also add that I have to make sure to carefully thread the cap onto the rear of the pen. The threads are very thin and at the base of a slope so it has been easy for the cap to not align properly. I am trying to be careful so as to not cross-thread and ruing the cap. Another small issue I have is that the clip just feels somewhat flimsy. I think that I have gotten used to some beefier pocket clips so this very thin one feels weaker. That being said, it has not gone flying or broken and I plan on putting it in an organizer most of the time.

Final Thoughts:

I am very pleased that I picked up this pen, I had been wanting to try a Machine Era product for a while and was happy I caught the Kickstarter. As I mentioned earlier, I plan on incorporating this pen into my brass carry through an organizer as I feel that will be the most secure approach.


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