Magellan Titanium Spork

Company: Magellan

Length: 7.5"

Weight: 0.7oz

Material: Titanium

Price: ~$11



As everyone knows, titanium is an incredibly light and strong metal and makes a great material for backpacking needs. I love it being a spork, I know there are plenty of people who like a spoon instead, but I prefer to be able to use the spines when I occasionally need something to stick a chunk of food with. You will notice a hook on one end of the handle that is listed as a bottle opener. Personally I have never used it to open bottles as I don't have that need when hiking. That being said I definitely like the hook because it allows me to remove the lid from my camp cup without having to grip it with my fingers and deal with the heat.


My only complaint is that I wish these sporks were a little bit longer, like maybe half an inch. Even this is not a huge deal but would just make certain tasks a little bit easier.

General Thoughts:

I really like this design, my wife uses a spork that has a the spoon on one side and the fork on the opposite. I don't like this design and definitely prefer the traditional spork design. Like I said, this is a great spork and you can definitely find cheap options because there's no reason to break the bank on a utensil in my opinion.

This link leads to an identical spork on Amazon as the one I have is not available online.

*This post contains affiliate links to Amazon*


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