Micro by Slughaus

For those of you looking for a new key organizer I have a great minimal design here. Slughaus, a company know for their minimal designs and sturdy construction. Slughaus first launched their minimal flashlight design, the Bullet which evolved into their current Bullet 02 their flagship product. The rest of their catalog includes includes a key-ring, key-clip, utility bag, and a new NanoPen being released now that it has successfully been funded. Slughaus utilizes the crowdfunding community to launch the majority of their products giving that community a great opportunity to be a part of the process and take advantage of early pricing. On Kicstarter alone their previous projects have received support from over 28,000 backers raising over $900,000 in support of their designs.

Just a brief history of interactions with Slughaus, I backed the Bullet 02 on Indiegogo last year and carried it for a while, it is included in my key-chain flashlights here. As I noted the key ring fell off and I had been forced to carry the Bullet 02 in my coin pocket. After writing that post I thought it might be a good idea to contact Slughaus and see if there was a way to get a replacement. Thankfully, the customer service was fantastic and they shipped out a replacement that I received last week. I also backed the NanoPen and look forward to testing it out. Throughout this process I also decided to write this post. I have been wanting to cover Kickstarter projects here because I really like the platform, but I only want to cover projects that I have had some sort of dealings with and can trust. Low and behold the Micro was launched at the perfect time. As of this writing Micro has 36 days to go with 1,588 backers and $44,443 pledged in support of the $10,000 goal.

Slughaus claims the Micro is the worlds smallest EDC key organizer ever. If they are off, they aren't off by much. The Micro in effect is an incredibly small bolt that goes through your keys in order to keep them secure and organized. That isn't to take away from the design. In fact it is this simplicity that gives Micro not only its name but its draw. There is no fuss when you need your keys, they will always be in the same place, you just rotate the desired key out for usage. The Micro consists of the male and female screws, spacers, an extender and a small multi-tool that doubles as your attachment point for a key-ring.

I expect to use the multi-tool predominantly for opening bottles because lets face it that seems to always be the case for me. But it will be nice to to attach to something like an extra key-ring.

Overall this is a great little organizer that might just be perfect for you, personally I plan on using it for a few keys I plan on taking of my main organizer so that everything can be a little more minimal and streamline. Anyways, here are some more shots of the Micro in action. Go check out their Kickstarter here.


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