Milwaukee Fastback

Product Description:

Brand: Milwaukee

Weight: 5.9oz

Length Open: 7.75"

Length Closed: 4.75"

Thickness: .6"

Blade: Stainless Steel Drop Point

Opening: Assisted Opening

Pocket Clip: Yes, Two Pocket Clip Locations

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock.

Price: ~$18



I like that the back of the knife is closed so that other items do not slide in and out of the body. The overall ergonomics of the knife do feel rather comfortable for the average sized hands with a good shape and placements for finger carve outs.


The knife does feel a little clunky but not excessive, It is probably just the thickness of the plastic on the body. The largest gripe I have is that the assisted opening is not completely natural. To flick the blade open you need to hold your hand at a constant angle and pull away from your body. If you flick your wrist naturally it will occasionally open but predominantly stay where it was.

General Thoughts:

This knife is marketed as more of a utility blade but performs well as a regular folding pocket knife. The first thing I did when I bought this knife was move the pocket clip to the tail of the knife, simply because I prefer knifes that carry facing downwards. As long as you have a small Philips screwdriver this is an easy adjustment. A word of warning, the knife pictured on Amazon has a slightly different blade shape. I personally purchased mine from a Home Depot but am unable to find a correct picture on Amazon, Home Depot, or Milwaukee websites.

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