Morsel Sporks

I am definitely ready for the weekend, not only has it been a super long week (its not even half way through as I'm typing), but I am finally getting to camp after being cooped up inside for what feels like an eternity. I will definitely be posting pictures of my trip as well as detailing it in the following week.

However, I also want to take this time to talk a little bit about some products I just received. I had been waiting on these utensils for a few months, and they finally just arrived. I backed this project on Kickstarter earlier this year and am glad that they finally got out of production and started shipping. It is also perfect timing because I will be able to take them camping and at least try them out a little bit. The project launched three products. The first was the Morsel Spork (Now Morsel XL) which features a fork on one side of a long handle opposite a spoon. The spoon is designed like a silicone spatula with a long rubber edge on one side. This design helps you to reach into tall containers and scrape the edges to get the most. They later added an exclusively spoon version (Morsel XL Spoon) and a miniature version that is a more familiar size for most people. This last option is still only available to those who backed it on Kickstarter but I would expect it to be added to their store once backers receive their rewards. Unfortunately, I won't be eating out of my pot or food pouches like when backpacking due to the fact that I am car camping with a bunch of people so we will be eating group meals. That being said I hope to at least get a little bit of usage before I take it backpacking.

Morsel Spork:


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