Zebra f-701 Stat Gear Ausus Key Smart Rugged Minix Mous Case comb Armitron Compass

Well, here is my first post. It won't be a truly in depth review just an overview of my current EDC to give me something to write about.

I have been carrying my keys in a KeySmart rugged for a little over a year now and love its durability and organizational capacity. In it are most of my keys as well as the USB drive that I received when I went to my university orientation back in 2013. I don't really use it very often but it is kind of habit after years of carrying one for school. I attach my truck keys using a NiteIze locking s-biner so that it stays secure and so that the former can dangle in my pocket. In addition, I attached a brass bowshckle from Oceanus Brass that I got from a Kickstarter (I tend to carry a lot of crowdfunded items). I carry a Minix slim RFID wallet. I have toyed with a ton of wallets and had trouble finding one that carried the right amount of cards while still maintaining its minimalist qualities. My most common knife is the Stat Gear Ausus in all black. I absolutely love this knife especially the deep carry clip. I personally have not found a task that this knife has been unable to perform in my daily life. The Kootek mini flashlight is my newest flashlight, so I have been carrying it for the past week in order to test it out. While I was in school I typically carried a mechanical pencil and stopped once I graduated. It didn't take long for me to feel like something was missing so I started carrying pens as a replacement so that it could be a little more formal and permanent. Just like my knives and flashlights I tend to rotate writing utensils, however, the Zebra f-701 is my standard and I find the weight phenomenal in my hand and pocket. I love the stainless steel body, as it helps me keep an eye on it as opposed to a big pack of disposable pens. I know that a lot of people tend to swap out the ink cartridge for a Fisher Space Pen, but I actually prefer the standard refill. For a phone I use an Iphone 6s in a Mous (yes that is spelled correctly) case. I saw this manufacturer when they were launching on Indiegogo and have been impressed with the durability. Almost done! On my left wrist I wear an Armitron watch with a slip on compass. I love wearing watches but absolutely hate dinging or scratching nicer watches so I tend to reserve those for formal occasions. As far as cardinal directs go I am actually pretty adept at figuring out which way is which but I like a little redundancy here and there. Last but not least, I tend to carry a small pocket comb. My hair can get crazy in the wind even though I keep it relatively short and I just like having the ability to put it in its place. Unfortunately, I recently lost a nice carbon fiber one I got of of Kickstarter, so for now its back to a generic plastic one.

Anyways, that's what I have been carrying for the past week or so. Like I said some items rotate around but for the most part it looks similar to this.


This picture was featured on the site where I also regularly contribute.


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