Nite Ize DoohicKey 6X Key Tool

Product Description:

Brand: Nite Ize

Length: 2.6"

Width: 0.7"

Thickness: 0.1"

Weight: 0.4oz

Tools: Scraper, Scoring Point, Bottle Opener, Wrenchs (1/4 5/16 3/8), Ruler (2", 40mm), Philips Screw Driver/Pry Tool

Price: ~$6



The main feature of this little tool is a carabiner, which is what I used it mostly for. The bottle opener works well as this actually served as my typically bottle opener for months while I carried it. Overall it makes a great little keychain tool, especially because you can quickly detach it to complete your tasks.


Like any small tool, most of the parts aver to small to be of much use. You can only measure up to 2" and I found the scraper to be to dull to really peel up any stickers. I am also not a fan of using something like this as a screw driver but it can be done and the same edge would effectively pry something small like a paint can lid.

General Thoughts:

Overall I like this tool, there just isn't that much to say about it. I carried it on a key ring with several other small key sized tools and used the carabiner to clip it to a belt loop. However, I stopped carrying it the past couple months simply because I didn't like having all of that hanging off my pants. I am thinking about transitioning it onto my work bag so that I always have a few items like this that I can quickly grab as a unit. Also, my tool is black, however, I have only found the silver variation online since purchasing mine.

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