Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen "M"

I'm back, I ended up having to take a couple of days off due to a crazy work schedule that caught me a bit off guard, but I am here again. Today we are going to look at another Kickstarter, specifically the new Bow-Shackle Pen "M" from Oceanus Brass. You may remember that their previous project, the snap-shackle rings were featured here. Once again, they have turned to Kickstarter in order to launch a new product and I am excited to bring it to your attention.

Just a bit of history as either a reminder or new information for those who have not read the previous feature on Oceanus Brass. I first learned about their brand back in 2017 at the launch of their first Kickstarter, the Original Bow-Shackle Pen. At the time I made an error and selected the wrong reward tier, which led to a slight misunderstanding on my part. Unfortunately, the group fell off of my radar for a while, but the whole time I continued to carry their brass Bow-Shackle. This has been one of the most consistent items in my entire carry as you can see from its numerous inclusions in my pocket dumps. Fast forward to earlier this year when the new Snap-Shackle Rings were launched, I knew that they would be a great addition to my carry, especially as I built a brass carry. Now, after another successful campaign, Oceanus Brass has unveiled an updated version of their Bow-Shackle Pen. We should take a look.

The new "M" variant of the Bow-Shackle Pen incorporates feedback from the previous design, while still maintaining the design and influence of the original pen. This version comes in at a short one hundred millimeters long, meaning that it is even easier to carry on your keys or any similar setups. Oceanus Brass also incorporated another attachment point on the opposite side of the body meaning that you can easily hook the pen anywhere you need when not using it. These two features alone make the "M" variant much more portable and minimal design. Compared to the original design, which was a full-sized pen, the "M" is far easier to carry while still offering enough room to grip while writing. This was another area of improvement. The threads that hold the body and the caps together are very fine meaning that they cause minimal stress to your hands and fingers during use. The "M" is of course constructed from solid brass as is standard from this company. As stated before the total length of the pen will be one hundred millimeters including the bow-shackle on one end. The bow-shackle will have a width of twenty-five millimeters. Without the bow-shackle, the body will have a length of eighty millimeters and a width of nine millimeters.

Heritage is incredibly important to Oceanus Brass, as they derive their designs from the old shipyards of East Boston. As you can clearly see, nautical inspirations are a cornerstone in both how the products are designed and the material that is used. Brass is an incredible material that has found its home on the open waters. Oceanus Brass takes the equipment that is good enough for traversing the world and puts it in our pockets.

At this time there are still twenty-eight days to go in this campaign. On June fourth the campaign will end meaning that funding has to be acquired by that point. Luckily over eighty backers have already pledged nearly $3,000 which is more than ten times the $250 goal Oceanus Brass sought. There are currently several reward tiers available ranging from the $10 level that gets you a Bow-Shackle all the way up to a pledge of $350 if you are in need of ten of these pens. There are levels in between for single or double packs. I would advise you to check soon as the best deals for early-birds are filling up fast and might not be available for much longer. There are also a few stretch goals including the possibility of early manufacturing, the addition of the original size as a pledge option, and a new "tinned" variant that helps prevent discoloration. These are available at the $15K, $25K, and $50K funding levels. Last but not least, the pledges are expected to be fulfilled in June of this year. I do caution that sometimes timetables are a bit off but so far Oceanus Brass has done a good job of holding up their end of the relationship.

If you are in the market for a new minimal pen, or maybe have a thing for brass, or even just enjoy supporting a cool company, the Bow-Shackle Pen "M" is a great project and I would encourage you to check out the campaign here.


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