Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen M

Today I have a pen for us to look at. It is the Bow-Shackle Pen M by Oceanus Brass. It was on Kickstarter a while back and I have been dying to finish reviewing it.

Product Description:

Brand: Oceanus Brass

Length: 80 mm (3.15“)

Body Diameter: 9 mm (0.35“)

Weight: 31 g (1.09 oz)

Point Size: Unknown

Material: Brass

Pocket Clip: None

Writing Style: Ball Point

Opening Mechanism: Twist Cap

Refillable: Yes

Additional Features: Two Attachment Points

Price: ~$100




There are several nice features to this little pen that I want to make sure you know. First and foremost is the compact size and pocket-ability. The Bow-Shackle Pen M is just at three inches minus the bow-shackle. That makes it incredibly easy to carry and store somewhere. It can perfectly hook to a key-ring of some form, a small pocket, or an organizer. I personally have been carrying it in my fifth pocket because it fits perfectly. I also obviously love that this is a brass pen. It just feels great. I have said multiple times how I am completely converted to refillable pens. This pen comes apart in three different parts which makes putting in a new ink insert in a breeze. Overall the smooth body of the pen feels comfortable in your hand and surprisingly is not to smooth to hold. The insert that came with this pen writes very well. At first I was unsure because it seemed to struggle but after a few passes it has been smooth with only a couple of jumps. The overall quality of the Pen M feels amazing. Oceanus Brass does an amazing job machining these pens and everything fits together perfectly.


I only have two complaints about this pen. First, while the small size means that I can easily find a place for it, it also means that it is smaller in the hand. For some people this might not be a problem but I have large enough hands that I struggle to get a reliable grip on it. Of course I knew the size when I backed the project so I'm not truly complaining. It is just one of those cases of not quite realizing the difference until it is in my hands. The only other thing that I want to point out is that the ink refill that came with the pen seems to have a very small amount of ink in it. It only came with about a quarter of an inch worth of ink. It could just be me but that felt kind of low.


I'm really not sure how to feel about this pen. This certainly isn't due to poor quality but more so just due to the fact that I don't know what I am going to do with it. Obviously, I like it and will keep it especially as it's brass. That being said it isn't a normal full sized pen and I have a Fisher Space Pen in brass that serves as a backup pen so I have to figure that out. I will probably try and alternate it around when I do a brass carry just to show it some love.


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