Olight Baton Pro

Alright, I am back, it's been a couple of weeks of no content, which granted I don't expect really got noticed but I want to get back into the groove of things. It has been pretty hectic lately and as I alluded to previously I just didn't feel driven. Alas, I think I am good to go with a new posting schedule of Wednesday and Friday, with occasional special posts. Let's start off with the flashlight that I have been carrying ever since it launched, the Olight Baton Pro.

Product Description:

Brand: Olight

Length: 108mm (3.77“)

Head Diameter: 25mm (0.98“)

Body Diameter: 24mm (0.94“)

Weight: 107g (3.77oz)

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX8

Impact Resistance: Unknown

Modes: 6

Control: Side Switch

Light Source: Unknown LED

Power Source: 1x 18650

Pocket Clip: Yes, Two-Way Clip

Additional Features: Magnetic base, comes with pouch and lanyard

Price: ~$90



There are quite a few things that are positive about this light. First, right off the bat, a 2000 lumen output is incredibly high and if I feel the need to hit the turbo option I want as much light as possible. Even when just on high the extra 200 lumens that were added from the S2R Baton 2 are a big help. Naturally, you do give up some runtime with these output levels, but I rarely have a problem with battery life. I use flashlights frequently throughout my day and I want as much light as possible. I can always seem to find a spot to charge them. As far as the size and grip, the Baton Pro fits great in my hand. I prefer the little bit of added length and heft as I like when a tool takes my entire grip. I just like that security. Like with most of Olight's flagship EDC products, I have gotten used to the side switch and am happy to have it if it means the incorporation of a magnetic base. I constantly find myself sticking these lights on metal surfaces so that they are secure and accessible. Speaking of side switches I appreciate the addition of an indicator light so that you always see when you need to charge as well as when the interface is locked out. The lockout function has become another feature that I look for after becoming so comfortable with Olight products.


There are a few areas that I definitely need to point out. First, just to reiterate, I don't have a problem with the runtimes but I know that for some people that might be a problem. My biggest complaint is honestly the pocket clip. For one, I wish that Olight would have included a black clip as well so that I could have switched it out. I could swap the one that is on my S2R Baton 2 but they are slightly smaller. Additionally, they did make the clip a bit larger for the increased size but I think they could have designed it to ride deeper in your pocket. The size is nice for usage but it also means that it sticks out of my pocket just a bit too much for my liking. Lastly, I cannot ignore the price. Obviously $90 can be a lot for a flashlight, which is why I only ever buy on sales. Now frankly, to me, that is a hefty price tag for what seems like a simple tool, but for the most part, I never really feel like Olight products are overpriced for the quality you are getting. It's just something for you to consider obviously.


As I mentioned earlier, I have been carrying this light ever since I picked one up at launch. There are a couple of issues that I dislike, however, for the most part, it does exactly what I need it to do. As in throw a ton of light in a relatively compact package. I already liked the S2R Baton 2 and figured this little bit of an upgrade would do the trick; I think I was right. Overall, I plan on continuing to carry this light for the foreseeable future as it gets the job done when I need it. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales so that you can try and grab one for a deal, especially with Black Friday just around the corner.


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