Olight I3E EOS Desert Tan

Today I have the Olight I3E EOS to look at. This is the Elite Sale version so it is desert tan instead of the standard black version. I will be honest, it hasn't gotten quite as much love as it probably deserved just do to all the gear I have been testing, but luckily it has gotten pocket time. Well, as promised, this is Friday so a flashlight review was in order.

Product Description:

Brand: Olight

Length: 60.5 mm (0.68“)

Head Diameter: 14 mm (0.55“)

Body Diameter: 12.5 mm (0.49“)

Weight: 19.4 g (0.68 oz)

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX8

Impact Resistance: Unknown

Modes: 1; 90 Lm 1hr 10 mins

Control: Twist

Light Source: Philips LUXEON TX

Power Source: 1x AAA

Reflector: TIR Reflector

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Key Ring

Price: ~$10




The biggest plus to carrying the I3E EOS is that it runs off of a simple AAA battery meaning that it is incredibly easy to replace and find when you need one. Using a AAA also enables this light to be very compact and minimal. It can easily store on a key-chain or in your fifth pocket. While I have gotten used to larger and more powerful lights the I3E is honestly a perfect match for most of the tasks I encounter. A ton of what I need light for is right in front of me so a small light that puts out 90 lumens is going to get the job done every time. Lastly, I will say that despite being small the I3E is very solid and durable so I don't worry about it breaking down on me.


Overall, I don't really have many issues with this light. Yes I prefer larger lights but I can't hold that against it as the size matches the tasks that it needs to accomplish. My real issue is just that I don't really like twist mechanisms very much. They definitely have their place I just prefer not to have them. I also find that a light of this size is is sort of hard to place for me. It definitely can go on a key-chain but its larger than the ones that I would normally attach. At the same time it is definitely way smaller than any primary light that I normally carry.


Overall, I think that this is a great backup light. I don't really expect to keep using this light as my primary option but I definitely expect it to find its niche. I am thankful that this specific light was part of the Elite sale so I was able to pick one up at that time.


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