Olight I3T EOS

Product Description:

Brand: Olight

Length: 3.5"

Weight: 1.4oz

Head Diameter: 0.59"

Body Diameter: 0.59"

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Waterproof: IPX-8

Modes: Firefly (5 Lm/16 hours), High (180 Lm/21 minutes)

Control: Tail Switch

Light Source: Philips Luxeon TX CW LED

Power Source: 1x AAA

Pocket Clip: Yes, Dual Direction Clip

Additional Features: None

Price: ~$20




Lets look at the benefits of this flashlight design. First and foremost I love this type of clip, I always want at least a reversible pocket clip but these clips that face both ways are the best in my opinion. I also love how simple this light is, there are two modes, firefly and high which means that you don't have to clip through a bunch of options just to get to your desired intensity. Olight did a really solid job on the tail switch. While I am mostly accustomed to tail switches it did take me a bit to get used to it again after testing out another light for a while. Let me cut to the chase, the switch is incredibly sturdy on the I3T EOS, there is a good solid click when you press it and it only goes up and down. I don't have to worry about whether or not it is going to break off on the side. In addition the tail switch features a momentary on/off that took a second to get used to but I like the option. I am also a huge fan of flashlights using a common battery like a AA or AAA so the fact that this light uses a AAA is perfect.


I really only have one small issue to point out, and that is the texturing of the body. It feels slightly uncomfortable in my hand, but is not to big of a problem for me not enjoy using it.


To put it simply, this really is a great buy, especially if you can get it on sale. The I3T EOS fits great inside your pocket due to how thin it is but has enough size to feel comfortable in your hand. This also makes it very manageable if you go to place it on the brim of your hat. I will definitely be carrying this frequently when I am not testing other lights.

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