Olight S2R Baton 2

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Man, today is Friday, and I am so happy it is. I am actually incredibly busy today but I am happy to get this post out. Today I have another Flashlight Friday for us here. On that note I am weirdly a fan of alliteration so I like calling it that. I will say that I will not have a flashlight post every Friday but when I do have one I will make sure I get it out on a Friday. With that being said lets take a look at the Olight S2R Baton 2 since its been in my pocket for several weeks now.

Product Description:

Brand: Olight

Length: 100 mm (3.94“)

Head Diameter: 23 mm (0.91“)

Body Diameter: 23 mm (0.91“)

Weight: 98.5 g (3.47oz)

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX8

Impact Resistance: Unknown

Modes: 6

Control: Side Switch

Light Source: Luminus SST-40 CW LED

Power Source: 18650

Reflector: TIR Reflector

Pocket Clip: Yes, Reversible

Additional Features: Magnetic Tail Cap for Charging, Small Lanyard Hole, Power Indicators, Lockout Mode

Price: ~$70



Pros: The S1R Baton 2 fills my hand perfectly and is comfortable in use. It is just slightly longer than the width of my palm which helps it to stick out just barely. This helps me feel like I have a secure grip on it and don't have to worry about it coming out. The length and weight have also made it a great carry in my pocket. I also like the knurling on the body. It could be a little bit more aggressive for me but not by much. This texture helps to make sure I have a good grip without feeling like my hands are going to get shredded. Next up is the rechargeable magnetic base which is hands down the best option for a rechargeable flashlight in my opinion. Another feature that I have grown to appreciate is the small power indicator that is in the center of the side button. As I sit here I actually need to recharge my flashlight and I know thanks to that light. The magnetic aspect is also a great asset as it allows me to attach it when I really need some light. I have used it quite a lot recently as I have worked on projects around the house and it was right at my side.

Cons: The biggest drawback in my opinion is the battery situation. A custom 18650 provides all the power that the S1R Baton 2 could need but it is also an uncommon battery. Even with CR123 lights I can just keep a couple of spare batteries in my bag because they aren't incredibly expensive, but I don't like paying $20 for a special battery just to have a back up. Obviously, if you keep it charged you shouldn't have too much of a problem but this is definitely a draw back in my opinion. The next big issue I have is just the price point. I have bought all of my Olight products on sale so that has helped me a ton but I really don't want to pay $70 for a flashlight. I am not saying the quality is not there but it is one of those mental things where everyone has to decide a their limit. Lastly, at first I didn't really mind the clip, however, after carrying it for quite a while I have noticed that there is not quite enough tension to keep it from getting snagged out of my pocket. There have been several times where my keys caught the light and pulled it out. The design is still fine to me, most of the time I can catch it before it gets to late but this has happened enough for me to notice.

Conclusion: In all reality, I am not lying when I have said that this has been in my pocket for the last few weeks. I saved this one for my last review of full sized lights I have picked up because I wanted to spend more time with it. It has been a constant companion and will almost certainly continue to be in my pocket for the foreseeable future. It definitely has a couple of drawbacks but ultimately I really find it a great tool that has served its purpose. I found that I started using a flashlight far more often than I expected once I started carrying one and this light has been a workhouse, which is why I have had to recharge it a few times.


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