Ontario Rat 1 D2

Quick announcement, I will not have a post out on Monday as it is Memorial Day and I will be camping. With that out of the way, I want to look at the Ontario Rat Model 1 in D2 Steel. I was somewhat hesitant to pick this knife up at first because I was unsure about the design but I know that a lot of people recommend it. Without saying to much right here, i was pleasantly surprised.

Product Description:

Brand: Ontario Knives

Blade Length: 92 mm (3.625")

Closed Length: 127 mm (5")

Overall Length: 219 mm (8.625")

Weight: 141.7 g (5 oz)

Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm (0.11")

Blade Material: D2 Steel

Handle Material: Nylon

Grind: Full Flat

Blade Design: Drop Point

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock

Opening Mechanism: Ambidextrous Thumb Studs

Pocket Clip: Yes, Four Way

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole

Price: ~$40




I want to start off with what I expected to be a downfall of this knife, the overall design. While I still find the shape of this knife to be less than amazing, I was pleased to find that it really fits my hand and has been comfortable to use. I thoroughly enjoy the way my fingers find their place and give security. The way the blade protrudes along the spine when open was something that I did not like, but it gives a great ramp for jimping for your thumb to grab a hold of. The overall length of the body and blade really fit me, I prefer a larger knife most of the time, and the RAT 1 is pretty much my perfect length as anything greater starts to become unwieldy. Next, I specifically picked the D2 version as it is actually one of my favorite steels. I do not need a super steel, I just want a good working steel that will hold an edge well enough but not prove near impossible to sharpen.


I think my largest complaint about the design is that while you have four positions for the pocket clip, it is not deep carry. I know that not all knife manufacturers utilize deep carry clips but I certainly wish they would. Because of this when carrying the knife tip up like most people, the butt end of the body sticks out of my pocket. It isn't a ton but it is noticeable. If I were to carry it tip down It would be a little bit less but that is a trade-off that I do not care to make. I also wish that the thumb studs were a little bit larger. At first, I had some difficulty opening the RAT smoothly as I struggled to get a good purchase on the studs and it was a bit tight. After loosening the tension I can quickly and smoothly deploy the knife consistently now. Lastly, I wish the liner lock was more proud, this could easily be done by carving the finger groove out a little bit more, as it would make disengaging the lock a little bit easier.


Overall, as I said, I was surprised by how much I actually like this knife. I figured I would carry it to test it and then maybe every once in a while afterward, but the RAT 1 has become a consistent item in my pocket. This really is a solid budget-friendly knife that doesn't cut a ton of corners.


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