Outdoor Element Fire Escape Kickstarter

Boom! Because as you know, I like Kickstarters and believe that they can be a great avenue for building a community I have another one for us to look at today. Outdoor Element, best known for their Firebiner that launched back in 2017 recently launched a new campaign for their new Carabiner Style tool, the Fire Escape. If you are already familiar with the Firebiner then the Fire Escape will look pretty familiar, but more on that in just a bit. In the meantime, Outdoor Element has been an outdoor company based out of Colorado since 2012 that designs and sells outdoor and survival gear with a focus on multi-usage items. Starting with the piece of gear that I am most familiar with, the Firebiner is a large carabiner that features a Ferro rod striker wheel, a flathead driver, a small utility blade, and of course an ever-present bottle opener. They also offer the Kodiac paracord bracelet that features another Ferro rod as well as some fishing gear, this bracelet comes in a few varieties for those interested. Another successful campaign came with the introduction of the Phoenix knife set including the Talon with a 3.23" blade and the Feather with a 3" blade. Both of these knives also feature several additional tools incorporated into the design. In addition, Outdoor Element, also sales products from a few other similarly themed companies such as Hadron Gear and Go Prepared Survival. Now that you have a picture of Outdoor Element lets take a look at their new gear.

As I mentioned earlier, the new Fire Escape is very similar to the original Firebiner and keeps the overall design. That being said, there are several changes that make the Fire Escape much more of an emergency tool. Instead of the small utility blade on the spine of the frame, there is now a replaceable seatbelt cutter that comes with a rubber cap for safety when not in use. Next, a tungsten carbide tip window breaker has been added to the base which should give you enough grip to safely use the tool in an emergency without risking your hand. Lastly, as rather than simply keeping the small attachment points for your keys the Fire Escape now incorporates an O2 wrench as well as a 1/4" hex driver. Aside from that, you are still getting the striker wheel, carabiner, and bottle opener that you would expect. This tool is roughly 3.63" by 1.72" so a little bit larger than the original Firebiner while the titanium coated stainless steel construction still allows the 1.7oz carabiner to hold up to 100 lbs. The Fire Escape is designed to not just function as an escape tool but also be a compact option when it comes to multiple tasks.

There is currently just over a month left on this campaign meaning that you still have time to hop on board as long as you do so by November 15th. With funding reached within the first 5 hours, you can tell people are excited to test this out and currently more than 500 people have come together to pledge over $20,000. If you are interested Outdoor Element is offering a variety of reward levels ranging from single Fire Escapes to multi-packs, and large combo packs with some of their other gear and accessories. This is definitely going to be your best deal to pick up some of their gear so don't wait too long. You can check out the campaign here and their website here.


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