Ozark Trail Flip Opening Knife

Product Description:

Brand: Ozark Trail

Blade Length: 3"

Closed Length: 4"

Overall Length: 7"

Weight: 4.25oz

Blade Thickness: 3/64"

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: ABS

Grind: Flat

Blade Design: Drop Point

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock

Opening Mechanism: Manual Flipper, Ambidextrous Thumb Studs

Pocket Clip: Yes, Tip Down

Additional Features:

Price: ~$5




I want to start off by saying that this knife has one of the best opening mechanisms I have ever felt. It feels incredibly smooth and consistent. The knife as a whole is also incredibly comfortable to hold and use. There are a couple of changes that could be made, which I point out in the next section, but it feels quite nice in my hand. I can get a good four finger grip on the handle and my thumb rests well at the base of the spine. I have really come to enjoy flipper knives, but I really appreciate when a knife still has some sort of thumb stud such as the ambidextrous thumb studs here. I also want to point out that I just like the overall design and look of the knife, it processes curves and smooth lines in the right places without looking like a blob. Lastly, I just want to look at two things that this knife has that I like on my knives in general. It has an open back that enables easier cleaning. In addition, we have discussed liner locks before and I just want to point out that this lock feels really solid and extends farther than most without sticking.


There are obviously a few downsides to such a cheap knife. First off, the knife only has one carrying direction, tip down. If this is not a big deal for you that is great, but like a lot of people, I really prefer for my knives to be carried tip up. Also, like most of these Ozark Trail knives you are just getting some sort of stainless steel. They do not include any sort of identifying marks on the blade and I have been unable to find further information online. The last thing I really want to point out is that while the handle is relatively comfortable I think it could definitely benefit from additional texture and gimping along the top at your thumb. The lack of that does not make this knife terrible by any means, that slight change would just increase the comfort when using this knife.


Overall, I really enjoy carrying this knife. I definitely feel like with just a couple of differences it could fool you into thinking it was a much pricier knife. I see these $5 knives all the time at Walmart, obviously Ozark Trail is their house brand, and occasionally will grab one or two of the newer designs just to mess with it and see what it has to offer. When it comes to a knife this cheap you can't really expect much and definitely can't complain, but this knife has definitely impressed me.


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